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PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY «BANK VOSTOK» (hereinafter “the Bank”) expresses its gratitude to you for the interest in the products and services, provided by the Bank. The Bank refers with diligence to protection of the information, received by it in connection with providing you with such banking services and products, and respects your right to non-disclosure of such information to third parties.

The Bank is a universal bank and offers a full range of banking services to its customers. Services are provided both upon customer’s request to the Bank and its branches, and by customers’ getting a possibility of remote access to accounts. In addition thereto, development of the market of providing customers with electronic money for use allows paying for goods and services in a cashless form without opening a customer’s account (including using remote access systems, which allow using prepaid cards).

The Bank’s remote access systems, such as Internet-Bank (online-bank) and mobile application provide our customers with an opportunity to get the information on the account state (including e-money availability), its transfer, exchange of information between the Bank and the customer, the customer’s submission of the relevant applications to the Bank, etc. (hereinafter “the Services”). For the purpose thereof, the customer needs only to have the appropriate software, technical devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) and access to the Internet.

To ensure the safe operation of such Services and the Bank’s wish to make them more useful and convenient, the Bank in the process of providing customers with the banking services (including by customers’ use of the remote access systems) collects, processes, uses and stores the customer’s information, the list of which, the purpose of its use and the grounds for its getting by any third party are described below.

Getting access to the use of the Bank’s Services and their use is regarded by the Bank as the customer’s (user’s) full agreement with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

The Bank provides security of the personal information, received from users of the Bank’s Services. This Privacy Policy also contains the main measures that a customer shall take to protect the data from unauthorized access of third parties thereto. The Privacy Policy is applied only to the information that has been received by the Bank as a result of customers (users) use of the Bank’s Services.

1. List of the Information on the Customer (User), received, processed and stored by the Bank in the course of using the Services, and the Purpose for its Use.

The Bank collects the information on the customers (users of the Services) exclusively for technical management of the Services, analysis of the operation of such Services for the purpose of their updating, improving the convenience of use and protection of the information, processed by such Services, to provide customers with the information on the opportunity to get additional services of the Bank and Bank products that a customer can get from the Bank for marketing purposes and in other cases, provided for by this Privacy Policy.

The information on Customers under this Privacy Policy is divided into two groups:

а) personal information that a Service user provides independently to the Bank, including but not limited to, when you create an accounting record, registration, filling-in the relevant electronic forms in the process of using the Services (last name, first name, patronymic, e-address, telephone number, date of birth, details of payment or prepaid cards, information on the marketing research, requested from the customer for the purpose of establishing the relevant preferences of such a user, etc.);

б) personal information, collected by the Bank automatically in the process of the customer’s use of the Bank’s Services (including but not limited to, IP-address of the technical device (smartphone, tablet, etc.), through which the Services are used, model of such a technical device, version of the operating system installed thereon, unique identifiers of such a device, data on mobile communication operator, data on the location of the device (only with the permission of the client), information on the transactions, made through the Services, time of transaction, amount, type of the transaction and means of its making (through the payment terminal, Internet transaction, etc.), data on the transfer recipient, mobile telephone number of third parties in transferring the funds in favor of mobile communication operators using the Services for the purpose of pay the cost of the services of such an operator, provided to such a third party.

2. Providing Information on the Customer (User) to Third Parties.

The Bank collects, processes, stores and distributes (discloses) the information in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Banks and Banking Activities”, the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data”, the Rules for storage, protection, use and disclosure of bank secrecy, approved by the Decree of the NBU Management Board No.267 dated 14.07.2006, and this Privacy Policy.

If the personal information is a banking secrecy, the Bank shall provide such information to third parties only in case of:

  1. Customer’s written permission;
  2. Based on the court decision;
  3. At the request of the law enforcement agencies, notaries, state executive service bodies, private executors, tax authorities, central executive body that implement the state policy in the sphere of the financial monitoring, the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market, other banks, National Agency of Ukraine on the issues of detection, search and management of the assets, derived from corruption and other crimes, by other state bodies in accordance with the procedure and to the extent, provided for by Article 62 of the Law of Ukraine “On Banks and Banking Activities”;
  4. To individuals and organizations for ensuring their performance of the functions or providing the Bank’s services according to the agreements, concluded between such individuals (organizations) and the Bank, provided that the functions and/or services, provided for by the agreements, relate to the Bank’s activity.

If personal information is not a banking secrecy, it can be transferred to third parties:

- With the customer’s consent;

- Without the customer’s consent in the cases, determined by law and only (if necessary) in the interest of the national security, economic prosperity and human rights.

Agreeing with this Privacy Policy the customer confirms his/her/its consent to the Bank’s transfer of the personal data that have been received by the Bank in the process of the customer’s use of the Bank’s Services, and that are not a banking secrecy to third parties, which are affiliates of the Bank, legal entities of the Banking Group, whose member the Bank is (if any), related parties of the Bank, members (shareholders) of the Bank. The Bank undertakes to ensure that such persons comply with the requirements of this Privacy Policy and with the applicable legislation.

The Bank may provide the information that does not provide an opportunity to identify the person to which it belongs (information in impersonal form) to any third party without the consent of its owners.

3. Storage of the Customer’s (User’s) Personal Information

The Bank takes all possible measures to ensure the safety and protection of the customers’ (users’) information against unauthorized attempts to get access to it, its change, detection and removal, as well as other types of misuse. The Bank constantly improves the methods of collection, storage and processing of the data, including the physical security measures to counter unauthorized access to the Bank’s systems. The Bank has developed and implemented the measures and restricting access mechanisms to the information of its employees, as well as control over its use. In case of concluding agreements with third parties under the terms and conditions of which disclosure of the personal information is necessary to perform works or to provide services, the Bank establishes the obligations of such counterparties regarding non-disclosure of such information and also specifies enhanced sanctions (fines, damages, etc.) in case of disclosing such information.

The security of using the Bank’s Services also depends on the user’s compliance with the Bank’s recommendations, available on the Bank’s official website on the Internet. A User must keep the accounting record data, such as a username and password from third parties. A User agrees to immediately notify the Bank of any suspected cases of unauthorized use of his/her/its accounting record. Compliance with the Bank’s recommendations will ensure maximum safety of the information, provided to the Bank.

4. Amendments to the Privacy Policy

The Bank reserves the right to amend the provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time. A new version of this Privacy Policy shall come into effect from the moment of its placement on the Bank’s official website on the Internet, unless otherwise provided for by the provisions of the new version of the Privacy Policy. The Bank insists and recommends that the users of the Bank’s Services regularly review the Privacy Policy to get the relevant information in relation thereto.