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1. Before you start, be sure that the page address of online-bank is inserted correctly The page address should start from https:// (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) . It is represented in the browser by icon with lock and / or allocated color, indicating the use of enhanced security protocols. Only then you can enter your phone number and password to log into online-bank.

2. Disconnect and don’t use the login storage function and password or auto text filling of fields in browsers.

3. For correct log out of online-bank, be sure to use the button «Exit».

4. Remember! The more complex password - the more your safety is secure.

5. Do not save passwords: on paper, in a file on your phone or other media. Accounts (Authorized) data must be strictly confidential. If you lost the credentials immediately contact with information center EAST BANK at 0 (800) 30-70-10

6. Do not give number of payment card with the help of unprotected channels (email, SMS, etc.). Personal information: control word, username, password, CVV2 and expire date - are the data that should not know anyone except you.

7. Attention: The Bank does not send emails and does not call to obtain personal client information associated with passwords, one-time codes with information about cards, PIN-codes, CVV2 codes, etc.

8. Use the SMS informing service to monitor the safety of funds.

9. Pay attention that PC you use to log into online-bank has the licensed antivirus software.

10. Upon detection of virus software on PC used for online-bank, please contact with Information Center VOSTOK BANK at 0 (800) 30-70-10.

11. If you lose your phone or the SIM-card that was used as login was blocked immediately, contact with information center VOSTOK BANK at 0 (800) 30-70-10.

12. Avatar (graphical image of user) - Phishing protection feature (type of Internet fraud that aims to gain access to private user data). The image that you choose, is known only by you. If you entered to the online-bank and see the other image or it is missed, your account had been broken. Immediately, contact with information center VOSTOK BANK at 0 (800) 30-70-10.